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Joshua Morris on the Heartbreak of Addiction: If You Fall

Anyone who has ever loved someone in a battle of addiction and self-destruction will relate to the lyrics of Joshua Morris" song "If You Fall." A strikingly beautiful song, with acoustic guitars and stringed accompaniment, Joshua's vocal cracks with deep emotion, as he laments for a lover deeply affected by from past traumatic experiences, acting out of anger and self-loathing, choosing drugs and alcohol over sobriety, in an endless cycle of self-destruction.

Josh seems to be singing from that sad, pivotable point of knowing that he can no longer save the person the person he loves, and must choose to save himself.

"It was loosely written about a few relationships I have been in over the years, not just one really, but multiple instances, where the person I was with had been through a traumatic experience, that made them into into a very angry person. You start out have compassion for that person, but over time, as they weaponize their self destructive tendencies, to try to convince you to see them the way they see themselves. Unfortunately, it kind of ends up working out that way," Joshua says.

"You get to a point of asking "How much can you change that person for the better versus how much will they change you for the worst," he says.

"If You Fall" is the last song on Joshua Morris album "It Ain't Easy" released by Pilot Light Records in February 2023. It features guitar work by Grammy Award-winning producer Paul Nelson.

Lyrics of "If You Fall" by Joshua Morris:

I don't mind If you take a drink Do what you want to Forget what I think anyway Dying is easier than living this way Go and call your friends Stay out 'till morning Forget what I say And I won't mourn you anyway 'Cause dying is easier than living this way 'Cause I don't mind I really don't mind at all 'Cause I'll stop caring if you fall So do what you want to Put it in your arm 'Cause I won't sit here And be your alarm anyway 'Cause i'll be leaving any day So blame me for it all Go run and cry To your mom anyway 'Cause I'll be leaving any day 'Cause I don't mind I really don't mind at all 'Cause I'll stop caring if you fall If you fall...

"If You Fall" Music and Lyrics Written by Joshua Morris, copyright 2023


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