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Visually Stunning Music Video for Dream-Pop Ballad "There is a God" by Singer-Songwriter Vicki F

NORWALK, CT, USA, September 26, 2023 / -- Pilot Light Records has released an official new music video for recording artist Vicki F’s dream-pop ballad “There is a God.” The video was filmed and produced at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, co-directed by Marc Alan, with Director of Photography and Editor, John Shyloski.

The visually stunning music video, available on YouTube, is an intriguing mix of experimental filmmaking, with elements of classic film noir. Shot and edited entirely in black and white, the interplay of light and shadow is used to create a sense of phantasmagoria and mystery.

Unapologetic close up shots of Vicki's face and hands, as she sings and plays the guitar, create a sense of intimacy with the viewer, as we bear witness to a stunningly personal and introspective solo performance.

As the song evolves, and winds its way toward an emotional release, so too does the video, with Vicki emerging from the darkness, bathed in a shimmering white light. Yet even with the burst of light, Vicki remains as she was at the very start, a figure of intrigue, peering out from the shadows.

The cinematography is a fitting match to the aural soundscape constructed by producer-engineer Tom Stewart, and mix engineer with Kenny Cash. Lush slide guitar lines, acoustic guitars, and background vocals dripping in reverb, are at times reminiscent of Brian Wilson's “Pet Sounds.”

About “There is a God,” Vicki states: “This is not a Christian song [as many believe]. It’s a human song as told in the lyrics, “do I get a prize for trying, can you see that I am crying, I am working on believing, I do not think I am only dreaming.”

“I wrote this song to try to work out my struggle about whether there is a god or not. I think Marc Alan and John Shyloski did an extraordinary production that captures the mystery of the struggle for belief,” she said.

About the creative direction for the music video, Marc Alan stated: "I was originally inspired by a photographic portrait of a woman sitting in a dark room with shadows of a Venetian blind streaked across her face. This was something I wanted to recreate in a music video.

I remember the day I was running around maniacally trying to find just the right type of blind to shoot light through. I didn't seem to notice all the people wearing masks in the store. It was the day of the Canadian forest fires, and I was oblivious…. This is what I love about the filmmaking process, the relentless drive to bring a creative vision to life.”

“There is a God” is the fourth music video by the team of Alan and Shyloski. The pair previously co-directed a roof-top set music video for Vicki F’s cover of “Downtown,” as sung originally by Petula Clark. They also co-directed videos for “Late Night Train,” by Tom “The Suit” Forst, shot guerilla-style on the New York City subway, and “Everything is Falling,” a simulated live-performance captured on stage at the historic Wall Street Theater in downtown Norwalk, CT.


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