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Reflecting Down The Line: Pete Campbell’s Newest Americana Single “Maybe It Was Wrong”

Pilot Light Records presents: “Maybe It Was Wrong" from singer-songwriter Pete Campbell, a new single that manages to stay in touch with its Americana roots while still breaking new ground.

Much of our lives is spent in the past, reflecting, and ruminating on events that have already transpired. In his signature stripped down americana style, Pete Campbell sheds light on this very human phenomenon, with catchy yet introspective lyrics which beautifully compliment a melodic 60’s style composition.

Pete Campbell is a singer-songwriter from Connecticut who surprisingly, despite his musical talent and plethora of influence, is fresh on the scene. When he isn't slinging a guitar, and writing songs, you'll find him with his hands in the dirt of his beloved Horse Shoe Farm. Farmer Pete likes his music the way he likes his produce, organically grown, all natural, and delivered straight from the heart. This organic, raw and rootsy feel is exactly what makes songs like his newest release so impactful.

“Maybe It Was Wrong” succeeds at both being authentically organic while still maintaining excellent composition. This track blends americana instrumentals with melodic, memorable lyricism that speaks to the soul and mind. It feels akin to that of a song on “Let It Bleed” by The Rolling Stones, considering the twangy elements included, while still maintaining a bluesy feel, all packaged nicely together with tender lyrics.

Pilot Light Records is a new record label powered by Factory Underground Studio of Norwalk, CT. The goal of the Pilot Light label is to provide major label-quality support for emerging independent artists with advanced music marketing, and strategic artist development.

Pilot Light's parent company Factory Underground is one of the top recording studios and media companies in the northeastern United States. The company also started Factory Underground Tech in 2020, a nationally accredited audio production school, and Factory Underground Radio, WFUT-DB, which broadcasts on the TuneIn radio network.

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