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Pete Campbell

New Single Out Now!
"Why Don't You Call Me Anymore"
Stream Here!

Pete Campbell is a Ridgefield, CT-based musician, guitar craftsman and Maple syrup producer. When he isn't slinging a guitar, and writing songs, you'll find him with his hands in the dirt of his beloved Campbell Farms, where he is known to most as Farmer Pete.

Listening to his well crafted songs, the honest emotion, lyrical creativity, and memorable melodies, one gets the feeling that there is a lifelong musician behind the guitar. In reality Campbell is really just getting started in his music career.

Seeking an outlet for his music aspirations, Campbell found his way to Factory Underground Studios, which he first heard about through pals in the jam band Goose. Campbell began working with producer/engineer Thomas Stewart in 2022, forming a musical relationship that was immediately fruitful.

The first song of this immense body of work, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," has been released by Pilot Light Records, officially marking Pete Campbell's commercial debut. The song, which is a mix of country, blues, folk and Americana, features Jeff Arevalo on bass, and his brother Matt Campbell on lap steel guitar and dobro. It's the first of many songs to follow, with at least four new singles and an EP to drop before the end of 2023.

With the release of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," Pete Campbell couldn't be happier to finally sharing the songs that have been growing inside him for many years.


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