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Post-Punk Rock-n-Roller Vicki F Takes a Trip Downtown with Petula Clark

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

"Downtown", the new post punk-rock-n-roll cover song by Vicki F on Pilot Light Records, is now streaming around the world on platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. "Downtown" was originally recorded by Petula Clark, who Vicki F cites as one of her earliest musical favorites and influences. The track was recorded at Norwalk, CT-based Factory Underground Studio, co-produced by Ethan Isaac and Tom Stewart. It was released by Pilot Light Records, a division of Factory Underground which began operations in 2023. Vicki F will shoot a promotional music video with Josh Shyloski and Marc Alan, who worked together previously on the "Late Night Train" music video by Tom The Suit Forst. Vicki F began her music career in the late 1970's performing with New Haven, CT-based punk rock band Troupe Dicoupe; the group performed regularly at Ron's Place, considered the most famous punk rock venue in New Haven at that time. Ron's Place regularly attracted acts such as the Ramones, the B-52s, and Blondie, along with notable local bands of the time, the Saucers, Sperm Donor, and the Poodles.

"Her arrangements are more stripped down than her early music....but there is no missing the original fire and punk rock spirit that gave her music breath from the very beginning.”

Building on their hard won success in New Haven, Troupe Dicoupe would inevitably find itself breaking into the NYC punk scene happening at venues such as Max's Kansas City and CBGB. The group had just become one of the first bands to move directly to a Saturday night slot at CBGB, when Vicki F decided to step away from the music business. "It was an especially tumultuous period," Vicki F said. "I don't know if I would have survived that time period [of the 70's-80's] if I hadn't gotten out of music when I did." Taking a break from the action, she poured her passion into a successful career as a lawyer, specializing in assisted reproduction and surrogacy. This might have been it for the accomplished musician turned lawyer, had it not been for the passing of a close friend who inspired her return to music. Since then she has not only reclaimed her creative fire, but ignited a growing secondary career as a solo music performer.

Her music today draws on diverse influences such as Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, Joni Mitchell and Lou Reed. Her arrangements are more stripped down than her early music, a mix of folk-alternative and folk-punk, but there is no missing the original fire and punk rock spirit that gave her music breath from the very beginning.

Vicki F will support the release of "Downtown" with several shows planned throughout the northeast region into the Spring 2023. She will provide direct support for Wishbone Ash performing at Wall Street Theater on Friday, February 24, 2023, and for Tiffany also at the Wall Street Theater on Sunday, April 16, 2023.

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