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Pilot Light Records Announces New Release from Singer-Songwriter Vicki F and its Not What You Think!

Continuing to amaze her friends, fans and music industry pundits alike, Fairfield-CT based singer-songwriter Vicki F is back with a new release, and it's about as far from her last song "There is a God" that one might expect. In fact, it's not even a song at all, it's a book entitled "Gestational Surrogacy: The Definitive Guide!"

The subject matter is actually an area of Vicki F's professional expertise, you see. In fact, when she is not writing acoustic, post-punk confessionals, she is an attorney in the state of Connecticut, known in that circle as the more proper Victoria Ferrara, Esquire.

Gestational Surrogacy a new book by Victoria Ferrara aka Singer-Songwriter Vicki F
Gestational Surrogacy a new book by Victoria Ferrara aka Singer-Songwriter Vicki F

Back in her CBGB punk days, when she was known as Trudi, Vicki sang and played guitar in a New Haven, Ct-based punk band Troupe DiCoupe. These were fast, heady days by all accounts, which Vicki would leave behind in what she has described as an act of self-survival. Vicki pivoted, and leaving Trudi in her wake, she headed to law school.

Yet, even as a lawyer, Vicki would find herself further breaking away from the pack and blazing her own trail, just as she had in becoming a musician to begin with, and ultimately deciding to set her guitar aside. Entering into the field of family law, she founded and became the Legal Director of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, one of the leading surrogacy agencies in the world. She is a member of the Academy of Adoption and Assistant Reproduction Attorneys, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the American Bar Association/Family Law Section, and the National LGBTQ+ Bar Association's Family Group. Within her vast expertise, she became a lecturer and panelist in international surrogacy conferences. universities and professional seminars all over the world. She earned the LAMBDA Award for Outstanding LGBTQ+ Community Service in 2016.

In her latest work, a comprehensive self-help, how-to guide for intended parents turning to surrogacy, "Gestational Surrogacy: The Definitive Guide" is a soup-to-nuts work that will take intended parents through the surrogacy journey from when they sign with a surrogacy program and a reproductive clinic, to when they are home enjoying their newborn. Many people do not know about gestational surrogacy and why it is an important fertility option. The book was designed to alleviate fears and anxieties as an acceptable societal mode to create families.

"One of the most through yet understandable roadmaps to breaking down this multistep process into simple, manageable steps with an awareness of not only each critical component but also how they fit together and how one affects the one of the most trusted and admired surrogacy attorneys in the United States," said Michael B. Doyle, MD.

After the unexpected and surprising release of this book, which we as Pilot Light Records could not be more pleased to announce, fans of Vicki F will be surely pleased to know that her next single, entitled "16 Days," is set to come out very soon. This song will feature work by guitarist and producer Ryan Hommel, best known as for his work with recording artist Amos Lee. By all accounts, this could be the break through hit of all Vick F's recent work, and we can hardly wait!

In the mean time, hearty congratulations to Vicki F on a hugely important job well done!

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