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  • Matt Srolis

Divinity In Question: Vicki F’s Newest Single “There Is a God” Brings Light To An Age Old Query

Pilot Light Records presents: “There Is a God" from singer-songwriter Vicki F, a new single that blends atmospheric, ethereal elements with the artists signature indie folk style.

Written by Matt Srolis

Featuring a uniquely atmospheric daze, stripped down instrumentation, and lyrics that challenge one’s perception of our own maker, Vicki F’s newest single “There Is a God” manages to hit hard on all levels emotionally.

Vicki’s re-entry into the world of music since her days of playing at CBGB proves there's so much more to come from an artist who has managed to impress, no matter the connotation. Her songs today mainly take inspiration from indie-folk and alternative rock, with her citing Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, And Neil Young to be some of her biggest influences that have helped shape her musical palette.

“There Is a God” in particular implements ethereal qualities into this formula, with an ability to sound Mazzy Star-esque at times with its spacey acoustic nature, while still separating itself thanks to the addition of an extra level of emotional intensity. The song is able to feel atmospheric and trance inducing while still maintaining its strength and powerful message. Ultimately, the dark yet intriguing lyricism is the main focus of attention, which acts as a desperate plea towards a greater power for help in a seemingly bleak world. This struggle for purpose, spirituality, and guidance is an aspect of life many can and will relate to.

Pilot Light Records is a new record label powered by Factory Underground Studio of Norwalk, CT. The goal of the Pilot Light label is to provide major label-quality support for emerging independent artists with advanced music marketing, and strategic artist development.

Pilot Light's parent company, Factory Underground, is one of the top recording studios and media companies in the northeastern United States. The company also started Factory Underground Tech in 2020, a nationally accredited audio production school, and Factory Underground Radio, WFUT-DB, which broadcasts on the TuneIn radio network.

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