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Anyone who has ever loved someone in a battle of addiction and self-destruction will relate to the lyrics of Joshua Morris" song "If You Fall." A strikingly beautiful song, with acoustic guitars and stringed accompaniment, Joshua's vocal cracks with deep emotion, as he laments for a lover deeply affected by from past traumatic experiences, acting out of anger and self-loathing, choosing drugs and alcohol over sobriety, in an endless cycle of self-destruction.

Josh seems to be singing from that sad, pivotable point of knowing that he can no longer save the person the person he loves, and must choose to save himself.

"It was loosely written about a few relationships I have been in over the years, not just one really, but multiple instances, where the person I was with had been through a traumatic experience, that made them into into a very angry person. You start out have compassion for that person, but over time, as they weaponize their self destructive tendencies, to try to convince you to see them the way they see themselves. Unfortunately, it kind of ends up working out that way," Joshua says.

"You get to a point of asking "How much can you change that person for the better versus how much will they change you for the worst," he says.

"If You Fall" is the last song on Joshua Morris album "It Ain't Easy" released by Pilot Light Records in February 2023. It features guitar work by Grammy Award-winning producer Paul Nelson.

Lyrics of "If You Fall" by Joshua Morris:

I don't mind If you take a drink Do what you want to Forget what I think anyway Dying is easier than living this way Go and call your friends Stay out 'till morning Forget what I say And I won't mourn you anyway 'Cause dying is easier than living this way 'Cause I don't mind I really don't mind at all 'Cause I'll stop caring if you fall So do what you want to Put it in your arm 'Cause I won't sit here And be your alarm anyway 'Cause i'll be leaving any day So blame me for it all Go run and cry To your mom anyway 'Cause I'll be leaving any day 'Cause I don't mind I really don't mind at all 'Cause I'll stop caring if you fall If you fall...

"If You Fall" Music and Lyrics Written by Joshua Morris, copyright 2023

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Post-punk troubadour Vicki F is back with a new single "There is a God" that is heating up on streaming platforms. The song, masterfully co-produced by Ethan Isaac and Tom Stewart of Factory Underground Studio, final mixing and mastering by and mastering by Kenny Cash, combines elements of Americana, and coffee-house acoustic singer-songwriter, with lush background textures like Pet Sounds-era Brian Wilson meets Phil Specter (before he lost his damn mind).

Yet it's the lyricism of the song that is catching some off guard, evocative to some and provocative to others, as Vicki questions the presence of God in context of personal experiences.

"I think a lot of us struggle with whether some kind of God exists. I wanted to get at my own struggle with belief in God in writing “There is a God.” I believe in love, and I think love tells me there is a god. This is where the lines come from, “this is the dance, and love is not just chance..."

"I also think that unfortunately there is a lot of competition we feel in living. And that is why the giving out trophies for free [in the song's lyrics] was so striking to me. It made me think that God would/does give us trophies just for doing our best - winning is not a necessity," said Vicki F.

Vicki F will once again work with Marc Alan and John Shyloski for an official music video for the song, which is scheduled to be released in August. Alan and Shyloski are the video team who captured her roof-top performance from her music video of "Downtown."

Farmer Pete Campbell's latest organic produce didn't come from the dirt of his Ridgefield CT farm, but from the Factory Underground Recording Studio of Norwalk.

Amongst many of the people in Pete Campbell's life, the Ridgefield, CT-based musician, guitar craftsman and Maple syrup producer, is known simply as Farmer Pete. That's because when he isn't slinging a guitar, and writing songs, you'll find him with his hands in the dirt of his beloved Horse Shoe Farm.

Now, while some may find the idea of a commercial farmer turned recording artist quirky and interesting in itself, what ties it all together is the man himself. Farmer Pete likes his music the he likes his produce, organically grown, all natural, and delivered straight from the heart.

Listening to his well crafted songs, the honest emotion, lyrical creativity, and memorable melodies, one gets the feeling that there is a lifelong musician behind the guitar. This actually couldn't be further from the truth. In reality Campbell is really just getting started in music, which may be the most surprising part of the story.

"My younger brother got into music first. I always looked up to him, but I never really believed I could do it, even though I always wanted to. After Covid turned the world upside down, I decided I couldn't wait anymore. I had things inside me that I had to get out. The seeds were planted a long time ago, but I only started writing songs last year, and it's like my dream has finally started to grow," says Campbell

Seeking an outlet for his music aspirations, Campbell found his way to Norwalk, CT-recording Factory Underground Studios, which he first heard about through pals in the jam band Goose. (Goose had mixed their first album Moon Cabin at Factory Underground in 2016.) Finding a safe haven at Factory Underground, Campbell began working with producer/engineer Thomas Stewart in 2022, forming a musical relationship that was immediately fruitful - with over twenty songs written, and most nearly finished recording.

The first song of this immense body of work, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," has been released by Pilot Light Records, officially marking Pete Campbell's commercial debut. The song, which is a mix of country, blues, folk and Americana, features Jeff Arevalo (percussionist of the band Goose) on bass, and his brother Matt Campbell on lap steel guitar and dobro. The track is now available on major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. It's the first of many songs to follow, with at least four new singles and an EP to drop before the end of 2023.

About his other passions, including guitar building and producing Maple syrup- if you haven't guessed it, they grow a lot of Maple trees on Horse Shoe Farm. Some of the trees are tapped for Maple sugar and some become beautifully hand crafted guitar bodies, milled by Campbell right on the farm. It's all a labor of love for Campbell, who seems to love nothing more than sharing what he grows with friends and family.

With the release of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," Pete Campbell couldn't be happier to finally share the songs that have been growing inside him for many years.

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