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Joshua Morris "Looking in your Eyes" a Breakout Red Dirt Country Song on Spotify!

Nearly a year after being released by Pilot Light Records, Joshua Morris has found his own unique audience on Spotify, which is right up the middle between Folk-Americana and Texas-Red Dirt Country. His song "Looking in your Eyes" (from his 2023 album "It Ain't Easy," has been the song capturing people's ears in a big way, landing on over 75 top Country and Americana playlists. The song has rack up an impressive 24,254 stream with nearly 10 thousand monthly listeners. All of this is paving the way for Joshua's next single which will be recorded in the fall.

"I love a great Texas Red Dirt Country song. All my favorite country artists are in that group, like Colter Wall and Sturgill Simpson, so I'm really excited that people are picking up on my music and associating me with that style. I just do what I do, but if people call me Red Dirt, I consider it a huge compliment," said Joshua Morris.

Listen for "Looking in your Eyes" on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

It Ain't Easy by Joshua Morris
It Ain't Easy by Joshua Morris Featuring Looking In Your Eyes

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