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Tom The Suit Forst's new album "World of Broken Hearts" is OUT NOW on all platforms. The 5 song blues rock album was produced by Ethan Isaac and mixed and mastered by Kenny Cash. Click HERE to listen on Spotify!

“She’s Got Me Hypnotized” is the latest work by a band that literally formed on February 9th, 1964, the night the Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. Robert and Tom Scheckler were two young brothers watching, who at the ages of 15 and 8 formed a group called The Scheckler Brothers.

On February 7, 2020, the brothers will release their latest work, a single which will be released worldwide by Retro Records, set to a music video directed and edited by Guzman Gonzalez at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT. The video juxtaposes swirling retro-60's patterns with intoxicating images of striking women, resulting in a visual mix that can only be described as hypnotizing. There is a particularly interesting moment that evokes an image of 1960’s James Bond-stylized cinematography, which the video self-references in the light-hearted intro to the video. As the video progresses, there are changes in patterns and colors that continually draw the viewer throughout the song.

The Scheckler Brothers are originally from Darien, CT, where they spent the majority of their adult lives working outside of music, both raising families, and focusing on careers. Yet, always together as The Scheckler Brothers. Robert, the drummer, and older brother is supportive of Tom with his steady Ringo-style backbeat. Tom, the singer-songwriter and younger brother crafts his music with songs built around his unique style of guitar playing and singing, reminiscent of artists such as The Beatles, The Zombies, The Everly Brothers, and Roy Orbison. His recognizable style is highlighted by colorful lyrics, memorable melodies, and a sense of fun that seems vacantly missing from a lot of today’s music.

The last full album the Scheckler Brothers released was “Magic,” whose title song was about the day they formed their family group watching the Beatles on television for the first time. The song was also featured in a video, which achieved 11,000 views on YouTube. A second video from the album, “Love You So,” was released later on and achieved 12,000 views. Both videos were filmed live at Factory Underground Studio.

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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

“Late Night Train” is the first song on Tom The Suit Forst’s new album “World of Broken Hearts.” The video was directed by Marc Alan, co-directed by Director of Photography John Shyloski, filmed in the streets of Harlem, New York City, as well as in the New York City Subway system.

The 5-song EP was produced by Ethan Isaac, and recorded at Factory Underground Studios, in Norwalk, Connecticut. The album features guest vocalist Christine Ohlman (Beehive Queen of Rock n Soul, Vocalist of Saturday Night Live Band), guitarist Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter Band), guitarist Ryan Hommel (Amos Lee Band), blues harp player James Montgomery, and drummer Travis McNabb (Sugarland, Better Than Ezra). His debut solo album On Fire was released in 2016, and produced by the Grammy Award-winning Nelson. Nelson performed the electric slide guitar solo on "Late Night Train."

A life-long blues and rock musician who joined the corporate world, “for a couple of years, to put some food on the table and try to get my kids through college,” Forst began a journey that culminated in 25-year career in television advertising. At the time he made the bold decision, to make music full time, Forst was Vice President of Sales at Cox Media, a major cable television company.

“I loved it, but I always had a plan to go back into music one day. The day my wife and I paid the last college tuition bill for my youngest child, that was it. I gave my notice, and went back to playing music full time,” he says. Performing as many as 200 shows a year with his band, with additional solo/special guest performances and keynote-speaking engagements, Forst has toured both the United States and China. He will support his new album heavily in the new year and has been invited to tour China for the second time in April 2020.

“Late Night Train,” is the first track from the new EP. Forst takes a modern-day view of the classic blues train song, updating it to the big-city subway, with all the haunting images still intact.

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