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The Spirit of the 60's Alive and Well: New Album and Single Scheckler Brothers "Magic"

Stereo Stickman Music Blog:

"Classic pop-rockers Scheckler Brothers lead with delicate riffs and melodies on this latest single Magic. Fresh from the album of the same name, the song offers an organic instrumental set-up and a quickly effective, softly memorable vocal melody – all of which results in a fairly likable aura on the whole.

Magic as a concept in this case refers to a feeling and a certain era – it’s been accessed via notably detailed, scene-setting verses, and rightfully resolved at each hook as that central idea is repeated. Subtle vocal fragments help light up the outer edges as these changes come into play. The song’s hook furthers this approach – the very set-up and songwriting style appropriately reflect the sound of the sixties; the precise time reflected upon in the story-line. The whole thing is deeply rooted in its own sentiments, which gives it a sense of authenticity – letting that classic vibe stand tall and seem ultimately very genuine.

The likable qualities of the song let it fill the room in the way that any hit from way back when might. The crisp and clean finish, however, and indeed the new vocal tone and the writing, all lean in a fresh direction. Scheckler Brothers do what they do to great effect – their songs are easy to enjoy, and Magic makes for a strong place to begin."


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