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Singer-Songwriter Isabel Mirri Sends her "Best Valentine" in a New Pop Single


Pilot Light Records

February 14, 2024, 16:38 GMT

Isabel Mirri has released a new dance pop single entitled "Best Valentine," with an empowering message about self-love.

Isabela Mirri "Best Valentine"
Isabela Mirri "Best Valentine"

NORWALK, CT, USA, February 14, 2024 / -- Pilot Light Recording Artist Isabel Mirri has released a new pop single to major streaming platforms entitled "Best Valentine," a follow up to her debut single "Just Keep on Walking." The song, recorded at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, has a positive message of self-love.

“I wanted a fun, empowering, dance song for everyone who’s single. What better time to release it than near Valentine’s Day," said Mirri.

Visuals for the song were created by photographer Guzman Gonzalez and directed by Mirri herself.

"Isabel had a clear focus on what she wanted to achieve [with the cover art]. She used lipstick to draw a large heart on a mirror, and we captured her image in the mirror. Composing the shot required capturing her image from just the right angle, to not get the camera in the shot. It was a fun, and creative process," said Gonzalez.

At 16 years of age, Mirri is a singer-songwriter of diverse influences including Sara Bareilles, Joni Mitchell, and Lauren Spencer Smith, giving her a contemporary edge over other songwriters in her age group. She has been performing since the age of six when she first played "Ode to Joy" on the piano. The first song she remembers learning to sing is “I’ll Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga.

Mirri released her debut single "Just Keep on Walking" on September 23, 2023.

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