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Provocative New Single "There is a God" by Vicki F

Post-punk troubadour Vicki F is back with a new single "There is a God" that is heating up on streaming platforms. The song, masterfully co-produced by Ethan Isaac and Tom Stewart of Factory Underground Studio, final mixing and mastering by and mastering by Kenny Cash, combines elements of Americana, and coffee-house acoustic singer-songwriter, with lush background textures like Pet Sounds-era Brian Wilson meets Phil Specter (before he lost his damn mind).

Yet it's the lyricism of the song that is catching some off guard, evocative to some and provocative to others, as Vicki questions the presence of God in context of personal experiences.

"I think a lot of us struggle with whether some kind of God exists. I wanted to get at my own struggle with belief in God in writing “There is a God.” I believe in love, and I think love tells me there is a god. This is where the lines come from, “this is the dance, and love is not just chance..."

"I also think that unfortunately there is a lot of competition we feel in living. And that is why the giving out trophies for free [in the song's lyrics] was so striking to me. It made me think that God would/does give us trophies just for doing our best - winning is not a necessity," said Vicki F.

Vicki F will once again work with Marc Alan and John Shyloski for an official music video for the song, which is scheduled to be released in August. Alan and Shyloski are the video team who captured her roof-top performance from her music video of "Downtown."

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