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      For the passionate, hardworking, and creative staff at Pilot Light Records, Artist Development is not just what we do, it's really who we are as people.


     It's a core belief that speaks to our mission of helping independent artists at all levels of the music industry to continue to develop, and reach the next level of their career, taking a very goal-oriented, no-nonsense approach to music artist career development 

     In addition to representing independent artists as Pilot Light Records, which we do by agreement with artists that we are vested in marketing and developing their overall career - functioning in many ways as a traditional label, with the exception that we do not own or control the artist's masters - we offer the highest major label-quality services available on an a la carte basis. 


     Our clients include independent artists in a wide array of genres, and many other labels as well. 


     Pilot Light Records Account Reps advise our clients on all aspects of: 

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