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Vicki F

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Vicki F is a rock musician and songwriter who was the lead singer and founder of The Dini Band from 2010 to 2016, and was one of the the lead singers and guitar players for the 80s post-punk band, Troupe DiCoupe, that headlined at CBGBs, Max's Kansas City, other NYC venues and also Ron's Place, New Haven.


After stepping away from music for a number of years, the passing of a close friend led Vicki F to revisit her musical past, and this inspired a new round of songwriting. More stripped down in arrangement than the punk music she performed headlining CBGB and Ron's Place in the late 70's, and early 80's, her new music draws on diverse influences such as Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, and Lou Reed. Yet even with the passing of time, and with the evolution of her style, there is no missing the original fire and punk rock spirit that gave her music breath from the very beginning.

"People often mistake punk rock's intensity and fervor for simplicity or puerility, but there is a whole wealth of artists who have proved over the years that the intangible qualities of punk rock can be used to create sophisticated and intricate music. Whether it's the post-punk experimentalism of Public Image Ltd or Talking Heads, the post-hardcore emotiveness of Fugazi or Thursday, or the singer-songwriter intimacy of Patti Smith or Laura Jane Grace, there are artists who stand firmly as torchbearers for punk. Those latter two names can also be joined now by Vicki F, an acoustic singer-songwriter whose folk and Americana indebted songs are infused with the essence of punk rock."


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