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Out of the Darkness and Into the Light: Ashley Marie's Debut Single "Emotions" from Pilot Light Records

Pilot Light Records presents Ashley Marie, a Norwalk-CT based singer-songwriter and recording artist, whose debut single "Emotions" is now streaming worldwide.

Album Artwork for Ashley Marie "Emotions"
Ashely Marie "Emotions"

NORWALK, CT, USA, January 15, 2024 / -- Ashley Marie’s story as a songwriter and a recording artist is one of remarkable courage. She is an artist who has undertaken an emotional journey out of the darkness and into the light, overcoming diverse obstacles, some internal, and others thrust into her path.

Marie’s story is one of brave self-realization, resisting the pressure and expectation of others, while holding fast to her childhood dream of music. That she is willing to openly share that story with the world, along with her music, is part of what makes her so brave, and ultimately, inspiring.

“Being born in a Haitian family, the expectation was for me to go to school, have a degree to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a nurse, and then get a job. There was no room for music,” said Marie. “I’m going against the grain by trying to form a career in music.”

There were earnest attempts to live the life that everyone wanted for her. She tried working as an ABA Therapist [Applied Behavior Analysis], which she loved, and she did marry, having two beautiful children.

Portrait of Ashley Marie, Norwalk, Ct-based singer-songwriter.
Norwalk, CT-based singer songwriter Ashely Marie

“Yet, it was all very draining, she says. “I felt like I was living my life with no purpose. I had gotten to the point in my life where I had no hope, and I couldn't see life as worth living. I became suicidal and tried to kill myself. In and out of hospital stays, I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t leave my room for months, I just broke down,” she says.

Overcoming the darkest period of her life, music would become her key to salvation, as she discovered her own singing voice, and true life purpose in the process. Once too shy to sing in public, Marie found herself pouring her deep pain and frustration into poetic, personal songs like “Emotions,” where she sings:

“Emotions running high…Nothing can stop me… Nothing can bring me down…Lead me to the sky…You've got this hold on me…You got me hypnotized…” and “I don't want to be alone…Never ever had a vision so clear…When I'm with you everything disappears…”

About her songwriting, she says: “I pray that my songs and my music can bring comfort to those that have no other way of understanding life. I hope my words and my sound resonates with them in a way that makes sense. That my voice can be that voice of reason so that they can go a little further and make it through the day.”

Yet for her inspiring triumph over depression, there are other real-life struggles she faces as a newly single mom working to support her family, while continuing to write and record her music. But she is building this new career with a definite purpose, hoping her efforts will inspire her children to achieve their own dreams in life, to not be dragged down by the expectation of others. She wants to be a positive role model for her children, her family, as well as her people back in Haiti.

“I know that my family needs more. My parents came here without a dollar to their name. They came here with nothing and put everything into building a home and family,” she says.

“Putting three kids through school (go huskies!) My parents are in their 60s now and even though they are retired, they are still basically working full time so that they can stay on top of all their bills. It doesn’t make it any easier now that I’m back at home with two kids of my own while I try to chase my dreams of being a singer. So I have to make it right.”

Finding her way to Factory Underground Studio in her hometown of Norwalk, CT, the singer-songwriter began recording her songs with producer engineer Tom Stewart, as well as working with studio videographer and art director Guzman Gonzalez on the visual aspects of her music. The combination of their talents is on full display in the single "Emotions" which is now available on all major streaming outlets, presented by Norwalk, CT-based label Pilot Light Records.

Marc Alan of Pilot Light Records has stated: "That Ashley Marie is talented is beyond question. One listen to her song “Emotions” will bear that out. But she is so much more than talented. She’s smart, brave, intelligent, and most of all, she is determined. Ashley Marie is a warrior.’”

Stream Ashley Marie "Emotions" on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and all major streaming outlets.

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