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Marisa Bloom

Debut Single Out Now!
"Dairy Queen"
Stream Here!

Marisa Bloom is a guitar-wielding singer, songwriter and rockmommy who calls Fairfield, Connecticut, home. Raised on a steady diet of punk and poetry in her native hometown of Silver Spring, Maryland – a Washington, D.C., suburb – Marisa's songs are heartfelt, sometimes hilarious, and emotional tributes to a wild life well lived.

When she's not breaking hearts or raising sons, Marisa teaches guitar, sings and strums guitar for the punk n’ rock band Trashing Violet, and edits popular music blog Rockmommy, which features interviews with some of the most compelling and badass parents in the music industry.

“Dairy Queen” is her first full solo single release since 2012, when she took a hiatus from teaching guitar and writing music to raise her young children.


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