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The Ashley Jo story started for the singer at the age of ten, when she was asked to sing solos in church; No one more surprised than her being asked but her Mom and Dad. In fact, neither had any inkling Ashley Jo could sing at all. 


"She was my shy girl," her Mom says. "But when she sang that first time in front of 300 people, her Dad and I were blown away. We just knew it was what she was meant to do." 


Flash forward six years to December 2022: Ashley Jo, in a uniform and full padding of a hockey goalie on her high school team, preparing to sing the national anthem, which she had done many times before. But on this day, she would be singing it in dedication to a classmate who had passed away, giving the moment special meaning for her. 


But on this night, fate would intervene in another unexpected way, with her wireless microphone suddenly going out in the middle of the song. Undeterred, Ashely Jo just kept on singing, filling the hockey arena with her powerful voice. A video of this performance became a local news item in Ridgefield, CT where the family live, and immediately went viral on TikTok.


To date the video has gotten over two million Likes, and has Ashley Jo's account has grown to 67,000 followers in the past six months.







ashley j0.jpeg

Well as it it turns out Ashley Jo is not only a gifted singer at the ripe age of 16, she's an artist with true knack for country songwriting, in the story teller tradition. With over 50 original songs under her belt, she has begun recording her music with producer Ethan Isaac of Factory Underground Studio, who couldn't be more excited to present this gifted young artist to the world. 

The first song to come out of their work together is "Hand Me Down," a delicious slice of feel-good country pop. "Hand Me Down" features a catchy melody, a beautiful vocal performance, tight harmonies, and a beautiful bed of live music. It will be released by Pilot Light Records, in association with Factory Underground Records, distributed by ILS/Virgin/UMG, in Q4 2023. 

"I was so impressed by Ashley Jo's music, and was no less impressed when I met her and her parents for the first time. She is clearly blessed with a huge voice, and an old country soul, and a unique story that seems to be writing itself. You really can't make up a story like Ashley Jo," said Marc Alan, Director of Marketing for Pilot Light Records. 

Listen Here to Preview Ashely Jo's New Song "Hand Me Down."

Hand Me DownAshely Jo
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Music and Music Copyright 2023 Ashley Jo Collins (BMI)

Published by Factory Underground Music LLC (ASCAP)

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